The Reason Why Extreme Diet Rarely Work

Posted by Roy Marteen

As you know, extreme diet can alter the daily diet to become unbalanced in a sustainable manner. Dietary recommendations that are given almost always the same, so most people get bored quickly. And the rules relate foods also must have very little nutritional value to avoid taking in excess calories from foods, which is the primary method of extreme dieting.
As a result of these rules, allow people tend to break them. This is because they cannot eat their favorite foods again and it is not impossible if all of it can be an overwhelming want because the rules are too tightly related to the types of food you should eat. No wonder if we always see that nearly 95% is failure rates that may people who undergo this kind of diet always return to their old eating habits.
Try not to force yourself to away from eating your favorite foods. This aims to prevent you from tremendous desire of your favorite foods. For example, if you love chocolate, you can eat it once in sometimes. However, even once, do not eat it excessively. You may eat as much as one square and would be better if you snack it slowly for some minutes. You will only take about 80 calories and 1 gram of fat for one square of chocolate. The content is quite small and it’s impossible to mess up the current diet program you have.
Therefore, just focus on one type of diet alone is not possible for everyone. The reason is that any kind of diet might not work for everyone, just some people who may lose weight completely because the diet they use very fit with their habits. When they matched the recommendation of a particular diet, barriers such as boredom and over desire to the favorite foods is impossible they get.
In addition, the nutritional differences that each person has, is also a factor that we need to know. Just comply with the recommendations of diet programs are not enough. You have to find what your body needs so that you will not suffer from malnutrition.
The best way to find them is to create a food journal for your diet program. You can find some foods that may inhibit or support the process of your diet. If there are certain foods that may cause bad symptoms to the body, you can avoid them when you see those again later. And vice versa, you can mark them as a menu to your daily diet.