Is Extreme Diet Really Effective For Weight Loss?

Posted by Roy Marteen

extreme diet
Many people who sell goods such services either weight loss programs or pills and supplements that say they can lose weight. And not a few people interested and aware that the offers were just a scam. Extreme diet is an example of diet that I think this diet method is futile. This diet recommends you eat foods that contain fewer calories such as 600, 500, and even 300 calories in a day. If you just sit at home without doing any activity, it still makes sense, but if you are a worker like me, you should avoid extreme diet methods. Lack of calories in foods means the less energy you get. You'll get a bad impact result of changes in metabolic function and ultimately affects the brain. So do not be surprised if you are growing tension as you undergo this diet.
Dieters are usually teenagers who tend to want to have a perfect body. They may only eat two times a day with very small of food portions. Extreme diets of this kind often referred to by professionals as anorexia nervosa which got diet to have a lean body where their bones stand out. Not only that, if they are suffering from anorexia, their offspring should accept this because the adverse effects of anorexia can be passed on to offspring.
Several psychological factors such as perfectionism, low self-esteem always, lay knowledge about diet, and variety of social and cultural pressures that requires you to take extreme diets as a way to have a perfect body. It is not wise if you are in a hurry to decide a diet without first seeking information as to what it’s fit your diet.
In fact, there are so many diets that have been developed by many experts. Depending on how you having it, all of it back again if you fit the methods. Whether it's a low-calorie diet (not as extreme diet), low-carb diet, low fat, high fiber diet, or dietary protein are needed guides from professional and nutritionist. I myself highly recommend the diet balanced among all diets because it is proven to reduce weight and also improve your stamina.
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