Extreme Diet

Posted by Roy Marteen

extreme diet
Want to lose weight? You may have some time seeing offers that promise you can lose weight in a short time. They recommend you to eat with the amount of calories that extreme as 1,200, 1,000, or even 500 calories in daily diet. They also say that these extreme diets have brought many celebrities to have a slim and perfect body by applying those diets. This is true, but in fact this kind of diets also allows you to gain weight as fast as you lost it.

Extreme Diet Impact to Health

If you know what are the impacts of extreme diet you probably will not want to apply it in your daily diet. This is because it has more negative impacts than good ones for your health. Therefore, if you want to lose weight properly, a balanced diet will be a great way for you to use. Balanced diet is high in contributes to provide proper nutrition for your body. By applying extreme diet, it also means limit the nutrition that body gain. The impacts that you get are a little amount of energy, constipation, headache, difficulty concentrating, bad breath and body odor. While the worst effects can be related to heart health, kidney, liver, and especially your muscles. But if you still intend to have an extreme diet, you should consult to the professionals such as doctors and nutritionists to determine if your body is able to adjust it.
Only few people who can successfully lose weight with extreme diet. This is because each person has a level of hunger that is different. The impact that you get when the diet does not fit with your body is your body it will tend to store more fats. When you are starving, your body is holding a lot of calories. For this reason, body will store more fat to provide energies for your daily activities. And so for this reason, it is not advisable to have an extreme diet for a long time. All of your efforts will be in vain because once your body is used to eating a little of foods which makes your body always hungry and you have assured to manage losing some pounds. Then you go back to your old habits by eating your favorite foods, Then in just a few days your weight will increase drastically.

If extreme diet is futile, what kind of diet that can lose weight?

A balanced diet is the best way for you who want to lose weight properly, which persist for a long time. Although it takes a long time, a balanced diet has almost no negative effect on your health. You do not have to feel excessive hunger and the benefits are your health increased and to have a healthy and fit body is not a dream anymore. A balanced diet is to not eat foods like candy, soft drinks, junk foods, and fast food is like. Usually fast foods contain a lot of sodium which is very bad for your health, especially for your weight gain problems. While soft drinks tend to make you get dehydrated. Replace your bad eating habits with healthy foods that provide you enough nutrition but do not make you faster starving and drinking more water instead of soft drinks is the best way to lose weight that will last in a long time or even permanently.
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